Final DS door card installed

The fourth and final door card for the DS is now installed.   The reason for the long delay was that the rear drivers side door would not lock.  If the door was unlocked, the mechanism would not hold the door closed, if locked, it would behave as if it were unlocked.

Therefore, before I fitted the door card, I wanted to fix the door.   The mechanism is actually quite simple, just hard to see and get to.


Essentially what happens is that the rod (12) gets somehow misaligned, which stops the little star in mechanism (2) to hold the door, and the little cam to lock it.    After various attempts to try and adjust it, something worked, as it started to work properly.  Access is not easy, as can be seen through a mirror.


Once the lock was sorted out, the door cards are easy to install – in the same way as has been outlined already.  As usual, a little autosol on the winder mechanism completes the job.

Finished Product

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