2014 ACT Terribly British Day

I had to be in Canberra today, so I swung by the ACT Terribly British Day.   It was quite a nice little car show with a decent mix of British cars.  I was glad to go as the Sydney show was rained out this year and I had not taken the 450SLC on a good road trip for a while.

Some of the cars I liked were a very original looking Bentley S1 Continental, a couple of nice Jaguar XK140 FHCs, and a former vice regal Rolls Royce Phantom V that took Sir William Kerr to make his announcement that he had dismissed the Whitlam Government.

An interesting piece of information I overheard was during a discussion by some Jaguar Owners, one of them mentioned that there is a man in Melbourne who is making 5 speed gearboxes that are a better fitment than the ones out of the UK and America.

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