450SLC Repaint part 2

Another week has gone by at the panel beaters on the 450SLC and the car is getting much closer to completion.  Last week was mostly rust repair and preparation, this week completed the preparation and started the actual re-spray.


Spraying in 906G

Where components could be reasonably removed, they were to ensure that they were painted correctly.   The 450SLC is 906G which is Grey/Blue metallic.    I’ve always really liked this colour, more so than the 930 Silver blue that replaced it (which I had on the 280CE). And the 355 Diamond blue (which I had on my 300E) which replaced Silver blue.  The G in 906G refers to the original paint supplier, Glasurit in this case.

Components in 906G

In addition, the little mounting brackets for the foglights were sprayed and the air cleaner was sprayed black as it had some surface rust.

Remaining is to cut and polish the paint and start replacing the trim.   I purchased some of the red trim clips and dropped them off as after 40 years the original ones would have been brittle and it makes little sense to re-use them.   The car should be complete this week.

FinishedThe Red W116 that can be seen in the top left is a 6.9 with a custom paint job.   This car is known as the Red Terror!  It has as custom 690SEL badge rather than the factory setup.   The 6.9 was originally brown.  The car is currently for sale.   The sunlight in the photo is making it look more orange than it really is.

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