Polishing day

Today spend more time working on the paintwork of the DS.   I finished wet-sanding the car, and the lower panels have all been polished with both stage 1 and stage 2 of the Auto Glym Paint Pro I have been using.

Overall the car is looking much better.  Despite going through the paint in a few places where it was very bubbly, there is now some shine on the paint and the rear wings especially are not a matte finish anymore.   I will do one more go of the stage 2 polish when I get some time.

After wet sandingI also spent some time trying to work out why my new Radio keeps ‘rebooting’.

The Radio requires two 12v feeds – one that is always on, and an accessory feed.   I had connected both to the point behind the dash were the Citroen manual suggests that radios etc should be wired in, and the accessory feed was going through a spare dash switch so I could turn the radio on and off.

Given that it was an original Citroen switch (I think for Hazard lights) my first try was that perhaps the radio was trying to suck too much power down that wire, so I put in a small relay that was rated 30A.    The radio is still rebooting so my next step will be to wire the 12v directly to the battery.   That will be quite a big job unfortunately!

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