Mercedes W111 Coupe/Cabriolet RHD Manual vs Auto

I recently had a question on my previous post around RHD/LHD 111 Coupe/Cabriolet about the numbers of Automatics vs Manuals.

This is an interesting question and not one that I have the answer to.   However from my own observations of RHD models for sale and at shows,  manuals are fairly common in the 220SE, rare in the 250SE and 300SE and then extremely rare for the 280SE, and 280SE 3.5.

I keep notes of the cars that I see for sale, and from my albeit small sample size, I have:

ModelCoupe ManualCoupe AutomaticCabriolet ManualCabriolet AutoTotal (inc unknown)
280SE 3.50320738

The totals also include cars I do not have the transmission types for.  Data is current as of October 2013.

Leave comments of any cars you know of that you have the chassis number so I can add them to the database.


4 comments to Mercedes W111 Coupe/Cabriolet RHD Manual vs Auto

  • Hasham


    I have a 1968 w111 coupe Automatic RHD , Chassis number 22-000096, This car is in excellent condition and is in Queensland.

  • Saul

    I am in Cape Town, South Africa and I have a right hand drive manual 280SE, Chassis 111.025-20-002080, Engine 111025 204 70059 80020. I believe this combination is quite unusual and rare. I have owned it for 6 years and considered selling it but have had no serious offers.

    • admin

      Yes, this is quite rare. By the time of the 280s, manuals were not common.
      The engine number does not seem right – it should start with 130 980 ….


    I have a
    280 SE 3.5
    VIN 11102620003230

    That you can add to the list

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