Removing Citroen DS door cards

Removing door cards on a Citroen DS is quite simple.    The door cards are held on by the window winder and a series of metal clips.   The metal clips attach to the back of the door card, and align with holes in the door that have plastic ‘cups’ that the metal clips slot into.    The window winder is removed by pushing back on it and exposing the pin that can be pushed through from either side.

To ensure that the door card does not get wet, there are plastic protectors for the larger holes that are needed if access to the window winder mechanism is required.   If they are missing they are available from the normal parts stores, or can be hand cut.

Pallas models are most likely a bit more tricky as they have the trim above and below the door card to deal with.   I had purchased a new set of door cards in grey cloth that are replacing these cards in black Targa.   The Targa door cards are in below average condition, but will be for sale at a reasonable price if anyone is interested.

Door without cardRear of door card



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