The Putty road is the best way to the Hunter

There are two ways to get to the Hunter Valley – the boring way, on the F3, sitting in holiday weekend, bumper to bumper traffic; or you can take a bit of a detour and go via the Putty road.

This weekend, I chose the Putty road and to take the E-Type, and this decision was vindicated by a great drive with minimal traffic, vs the people I was meeting up at the hunter who sat in traffic getting on the F3 and then at Cessnock.   The E-Type performed well, especially on the back roads and it was good to get it out for an extended drive.

The route takes you through some great twisting bends, and good scenery.  Being a public holiday, you also miss being buzzed by the massive number of motorcycle riders, although you might have to wait for  a few cows, like I did. Cows on the Putty Road

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I can also recommend lunch at the Verandah restaurant in the Hunter.  It is a bit on the pricey side, but the food is excellent.

Moreover, there are plenty of places you can stay with undercover parking….

After driving the Putty Road

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