Site update – outage

This site went down on Monday of this week without warning.   Apparently a provider of the hosting provider discontinued a server without giving them notice and they didn’t have adequate backups.   The site is now up and running, but unfortunately my last database backup was corrupt, so I am having to manually upload a few months worth of posts.    This is rather unfortunate, but ultimately, there are only 2-3 posts that will be lost.

This site started out as a way of keeping a diary of the things I do to my cars.   Ultimately I started making the site for myself as it is good to keep a pictorial record of what you have done.   Given I like similar sites, I figured others may have interest.   Certainly some of the posts around the DS interior in particular have been popular, so I guess that assumption was true.

The posts that I have backups for, should all be up during the next week or so.

Sometimes these older cars break down, and so is the same for the site that documents them.

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