2nd Prize in a beauty contest

My Light 15 was awarded 2nd prize in the pre-1956 Citroen category at the 2015 French Car Day.   I hadn’t planned to enter the car, but did since there were only a couple of Tractions there.    1st prize went to a nice Big 15.   Without a lot of effort I should be able to do better as I was obviously marked down for things like my missing front carpet.   Concours is not really my thing, so while I want to make improvements to the car for my own enjoyment, I will not be wrapping it in cotton wool.

As usual it was a good day, despite the cold and I was able to see a ~1908 Delage that drove under its own power from Bankstown, as well as the some of the usual nice French cars that turned up.   The electric DS also was in attendance and usually had a crowd of people gathered around to see how it worked.  Due to the cold weather, attendance was down a little from 2014.

2015 French Car Day

I also got to speak to a gentleman who is pretty sure he owned my car in the late 70s and was the one who installed the radio antenna.   He is going to send me a photo of the car from around 1977.   It is great to be able to put a piece of the puzzle of the car’s history together.

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