Rolls Royce Club drive to the Gosford Car Musem

Today I was fortunate enough to join the Rolls Royce club for their drive to the new Gosford Car Museum.    I am not a member of the club but was invited by a friend who is.   I had wanted to visit the new museum since it opened a few weeks ago and a drive up the old pacific highway with some Rolls Royce’s and Bentleys sounded like a great idea.    They had a nice selection of cars, mostly Silver Shadows and Silver Spirits but also a 1930’s car (from memory a 25/30) and a couple of older Bentleys (an S and I think an R series).   Last year I went to their concours event as a spectator and it was well worth it.

I took my DS which actually shares some of the Hydraulic systems with these cars – the Silver Shadow has hydraulics based on the old Citroen red fluid system and the Silver Spirit has the green fluid system same as my DS.   The hydraulics are not as extensively used as in the Citroen, but they are used for the brakes and self leveling suspension (along with regular springs and shocks).

Rolls Royce Club drive

I would like to own one of these cars one day – I am partial to a Bentley S series.

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