Mercedes Finny and Ponton (Roundie) styling

A display at the Gosford Car museum offered an interesting comparison between the Mercedes Finny and Ponton 220S models with two parked next to each other in the same colour.   The W111 finny set a design trend through the 60s and early 70s for Mercedes.  The side by side comparison in the same colour really shows the similarities and differences.

Mercedes Finny and Ponton

Obviously the major differences are at the front and the back with the tail fins, updated lights from the 300SL roadster etc, but there are numerous subtle changes that show the evolution between these two models.   The Mercedes grille started its transition from tall and narrow to wide and flat over 50 years with this model, and the W111 shared the trend with many late 50s designs with a much larger glass area and ‘airy’ cabin.

Mercedes Finny and Ponton

The lower spec W110 is actually more visually similar to the Ponton, but I personally find it a rather awkward transitional design compared to the W111.

Mercedes Finny and Ponton

Mercedes Finny and PontonIt would have been even more interesting to see a W108 parked next to the Finny.  The W108 has the flatter roof and lower look that is a further streamlining of the design.   You can really see the transition from Ponton -> Finny -> W108.    It is said that Mercedes-Benz were never that happy with the tail fins.   Certainly they were rounded off in the W111 Coupe and removed altogether for the W108.

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