Ad of the week: Citroen Safety

This weeks ad a great summary summary of all the safety features of the DS and a nice cutaway.   These days they try and sell cars with lifestyle shots, but this ad delves deep into some of the technical features.

Citroen DS Safety

The Citroen… a safe car you should look into.

  1. Safety “No Spoke” steering wheel.
  2. Rugged hemi head engine, built to maintain high cruising speeds with low gas consumption.
  3. Dual proportional braking system that prorates brake force according to front/rear weight distribution.
  4. Front-mounted spare tire provides additional impact protection.
  5. Aerodynamic body slices through air smoothly, silently.
  6. Adjustable road clearance to drive right over deep snow, ruts, any terrain.
  7. Sensor warns when brake pad linings are low.
  8. Power disc brakes.  Mounted inboard for better cooling and reduced unsprung weight.
  9. Front wheel drive with low center of gravity for better traction control.
  10. Michelin XAS steel cord radial tires.
  11. Power Jacking for quick effortless tire changing.
  12. Hydropneumatic suspension for greater stability and a smoother ride.
  13. Narrow side pillars to give you better visibility.
  14. Mono-shell construction provides a rigid zone of protection around passengers.
  15. Flat floor, no driveshaft hump.  Full length body underpan.
  16. Constant level ride regardless of load and weight distribution.
  17. Four wheel independent suspension with constant camber.
  18. Safety energy absorbing body sections, front and rear, to cushion collision impact.
  19. Turn signals are high mounted for greater visibility.
  20. Deep foam padded interior – top, sides and even bottom.

All this and more.   Take a different kind of test drive in a different kind of car.  Different enough to meet your needs for a personal, business or family car.

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