2018 CARnivale

Adding overzealous private security guards rarely enhances an event and the 2018 CARnivale was no exception.     This event used to be held in the city and was relocated to Parramatta Park a few years ago.    It is now much smaller and the cars are squeezed into a small area so unnecessary security barriers can be put up to contain them.

This year we saw the farce of thousands of people wanting to go and see the cars but being held up due to some kind of security ‘all clear’.   Spectators were being yelled at and I can’t imagine it was much fun for the car owners either.    This can be seen from the first photo.    Cars were packed in so tight I imagine many were trapped in until enough cars had left for the day.

On the positive side there were a number of nice cars to look at.   This event normally attracts a different crowd of cars.   Due to being part of a larger festival you get more of the general public at this event rather than car people.   This means children climbing on the cars and so on.   The cars in attendance therefore are often more everyday examples which may not be seen at other shows.

Bucking that trend, there was also in attendance a lovely Jaguar MK V, Rolls Royce Silver Dawn, a Concours condition Rover P5B Coupe, a BMW 3.0 CSL.  I was also impressed by a Zagato Lancia.   However, the show is really more about previously common cars like Austin 7s, FJ/EH Holdens, Minis, various Austins and Morris models and so on.    Nice to see them out and about.


While the car event is not what it was, the 2018 CARnivale is still worth a visit as there is a lot to do for the whole family.   They have various kids events, rides, food stalls etc.

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