Weatherford Vintage Car Museum

Second stop on my North Texas car museum road trip was the Weatherford Vintage car museum, event center and grill.   The museum is right down from the rather impressive town hall in Weatherford.    It is housed in a rather impressive looking restored building.    As well as the museum, there is an event center, and a diner style restaurant.

There are about 15 cars in the main museum, and other 10 in the restaurant.    There didn’t seem to be a particular them with the main museum collection, although they did have quite a few pre-war Fords.    Also in the collection was a ‘what if’ 1958 Edsel and some other American luxury products including a Pierce-Arrow.    Surprisingly there was a pre-war Alvis there too.

As with the Horton, this museum had the same Donald Trump mannequin.   Somebody must have been making some money selling these in Texas after the campaign.

I stopped for lunch at the grill and had a quite good burger.  It was quite busy so took a bit longer than I was hoping – I had another museum to get to!

The cars behind the restaurant had more of a Celebrity/movie theme.    There was LBJ’s car, as well as a bunch of movie cars, including a Packard used in The Godfather.   Off to the side was a Trabant, which seemed somewhat out of place.


Overall the museum was worth a stop along the way on the tour although it didn’t have the wow factor of the Horton.

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