Fitting new Citroen DS door cards

Citroen DS door cards are quite simple as the door handle etc is above the actual door card. So all it comprises of is the arm rest and a small hole for the window winder mechanism. The door card is held onto the door through a series of metal clips that attach into holes drilled […]

Citroen DS seat cover replacement part 3

In part 2, I was able to get part way through removal of the old Targa seat covers for the upper part of the rear seat. Today I was able to complete the removal of the old Targa covers and start fitting the new ones.

I was helped by a website created by an owner […]

Citroen DS seat cover replacement part 2

Today I made good progress replacing the seat covers in the DS. In part 1, I had removed the old cover from the bottom of the back seat. Today, I was able to fit the new seat cover. I’m really happy with the result – it looks great!

I found that using lots of small […]

Removing Citroen DS door cards

Removing door cards on a Citroen DS is quite simple. The door cards are held on by the window winder and a series of metal clips. The metal clips attach to the back of the door card, and align with holes in the door that have plastic ‘cups’ that the metal clips slot into. The […]

Citroen DS seat cover replacement part 1

While I was In Europe in September, I purchased some new interior pieces for the DS. This included a set of seat covers, door cards, headrests and armrests. While there wasn’t anything wrong with the seat covers, the door cards were in poor shape, and I wanted to go to a cloth interior from a […]

New coil, cap and rotor bring the SLC back to life

As outlined in a previous post, the 450SLC broke down a week and a half ago and the NRMA helped me diagnose it down to a bad coil. Yesterday, my new coil, cap and rotor arrived so I got down to getting fitting them t the car.

A quick test of the new coil […]

Mercedes W111 Coupe/Cabriolet RHD Manual vs Auto

I recently had a question on my previous post around RHD/LHD 111 Coupe/Cabriolet about the numbers of Automatics vs Manuals.

This is an interesting question and not one that I have the answer to. However from my own observations of RHD models for sale and at shows, manuals are fairly common in the 220SE, rare […]