The Concours Run 2023 – Day 4: Melbourne to Leeton

Day 4 was a very busy day for the Concours run group. Not only did we spend the morning at the excellent MBCV concours event, but we planned to drive 520km. Part of this was getting to the MBCV Concours event, but the majority of it was our road trip home. Our stop for the night was Leeton. Our group was reduced by two for the trip home. The owners of the two S124 wagons were staying in Melbourne another day.

We left the concours at a little after 12:30PM, and headed for Black Spur drive, which I had read […]

The Concours Run 2023 – Day 4: MBCV Concours

Today was the MBCV Concours event. This was the show that we built this whole trip around. I had wanted to attend this event for years, as I had always heard the standard of the cars was high. It always looked like a big event and with more rare older cars than we get in NSW.

The event was held at Wandin East Reserve. Wandin East is a semi-rural area on Melbourne’s eastern outskirts. The reserve is a good place to have the event as there is plenty of room to park all the cars, and set up the various […]

Planning a 2023 Classic Mercedes Road trip – The Concours Run

Last year, I went on a 4,000km road trip with some friends from the Mercedes-Benz club to the National Rally in Adelaide. We all took classics, and we took the scenic route there and back. In may ways, the trip there and back was better than the event.

For 2023, while there was no National Rally, we were keen to do another. We picked the Mercedes-Benz Club of Victoria’s annual concours event. I’ve wanted to go to this for years, as I had heard the standard of the cars at this show is very good. In addition, at a S124 […]