• OzBenz – An Australia/NZ Forum for Mercedes, focused more on the older cars.    Sponsored by MB Spares (See parts suppliers)
  • Topklasse – An Australian forum focused on classic Mercedes – in particular the 107, 126 and 116.   A small, but tight community with many members based in Australia, especially Sydney.
  • – Focused on the W116 S Class from 1972-1980.   Also makes available a great library of materials on this model.  Initially started in Australia, but has more of a USA based membership now.
  • Peachparts – A US based forum associated with a parts store.   I find this the best of the US forums for the older cars.
  • Benzworld – Another US based forum, seems to be better for the newer (90s and above) cars.

In the last couple of years, Facebook groups have started to gain popularity at the expense of forums.    The Rover P5/P6 community has an excellent facebook group, but in the Mercedes world they are sadly lacking.   As far as I can tell they mostly concern themselves with uninformed people talking up the price of cars and yet another poor old finnie being cut up for a V8 and airbag suspension.   Certainly there is very little technical content of any merit as much of what I see is wrong.

Model Pages

  • Heckflosse Homepage – this is one of the best Mercedes pages on the Internet and covers the Fintail Sedan, Coupe and Cabriolet models.
  • W111 Coupe / Cabriolet – A fairly new site on the W111 Coupe/Cabriolet

Other Information

Parts Suppliers

  • MB Spares – Sadly no longer selling parts and focused on restorations only.
  • Silver Star Spares – Based in Sydney.   These days no longer seem very interested in the older cars.
  • Mercedes Benz Classic Center California –  They can help with specific classic parts.
  • For some parts it can make sense to buy in the USA and use a remailing service like   these are the main suppliers:
    • Peachparts – Associcated with the PeachParts forum.
    • AutohausAZ
    • Ecklers – Make sure you check the brand of the part you’re buying as this site is not as clear as some of the others.
    • ECS Tuning
    • FCPEuro – Not as good for the cars earlier than 90s, but does offer a lifetime guarantee.



DS information

  • Le Nuancier DS – the best DS website on the Internet.  Most of it is in French, but very readable through google translate.
  • Citronet DS Section – A lot of good information on the DS model.
  • DS – ID – Another collection of great information about the DS.   Unfortunately this site has not been updated in some years.
  • – A photo gallery of a few restored Pallas models.
  • DS in Asia – A site on the Citroen DS in Asia
  • 1973 DS23 Restoration – A blog site on a restoration of a 1973 DS23 Pallas BVM

Parts Suppliers

  • Citro Classique (also known as Citro Toon).   – I purchased my interior kit from them.   Good quality and a reasonable price.
  • Western Hemispheres – The largest supplier in North America.  I’ve used them for a few things and had good experiences.   Shipping from North America is cheaper than from europe.
  • Der Franzose – They have the largest online catalogue.   I’ve bought quite a few things from them as it is every easy to find what you want online.
  • – Another German site – Expensive shipping but you can get around that using a German remailer.
  • Citroworld – A Dutch supplier, I’ve purchased a few orders from them.
  • Citroen Classics – A UK based site that has a good catalogue as well as the ability to get hard to find used parts.  I got my rear lights here.
  • Sylvian Ebay store – Good range of parts (new and used) on French Ebay.   I got my instrument cluster in KM/H here.
  • Oleoneumatics – An Australian parts supplier I have used.   No online catalogue, but available via email or phone.


E-Type Information

  • xkedata – This is a user driven E-type register.   Anyone can add a car to the register that own, have seen, have owned etc to build up information about what cars are left in the world.   It’s also a great protection against scammers and re-birthers.    If only something like this was available for other cars I’m interested in.


  • Aussie old parked cars – Photos of interesting cars still in regular use.   Sadly this site is very rarely updated these days.
  • Retrosound – Manufacturer of great period looking audio equipment.  I have their radios in my E-Type and my DS.