W116 fuel filter and fuel strainer

My recently purchased 280SE is not running well. The symptoms feel like it is not getting enough fuel. Strangely enough, performance picked up with more petrol in the tank. Based on that, I wanted to eliminate two fairly obvious things before I started troubleshooting the fuel injection system. Namely, I wanted to make sure the various fuel filters installed on the car were not plugged up, and that I eliminated bad fuel. Mercedes-Benz vehicles of this era are fitted with three fuel filters. There is a fine mesh fuel strainer in the bottom of the petrol tank, next there is […]

Troubleshooting 280SE running issues

One of the things I noticed right away when I got my new 280SE was that it wasn’t running well. It was very hard to start and keep running. Eventually, if I warmed it up a bit it would idle, but giving it much throttle would have it stutter and die. I was able to get it off the tow truck and into the warehouse, but not easily.

Getting it to run properly is my first priority as it will also confirm that the drivetrain is good. My first attempt was to check the spark plugs. I thought that perhaps […]

Evaluating my 1979 280SE

I took the risky move of buying my 1979 280SE sight unseen. This isn’t something I particularly recommend, but you can get a good sense of a car by looking at detailed photos very carefully. The thing that attracted me to this car was the condition of the body and interior. I assumed a couple of mechanical issues in my buy price. I figure you can always sell a car with a great interior and paintwork. This is especially the case with a W116, as the model is known as rust prone, a trait it shares with the 107 and […]

My 1979 280SE project and my quest for the perfect W116

I’ve been thinking about selling my 1986 300SE for a few months and replacing it with something different. I bought that car five years ago when I needed to be able to drive it every day to drop my daughter off at daycare then to the park and ride to get to work. I no longer work in the office every day, so the need to have a full registered car for this purpose is gone.

Last year I dropped it back to club rego. While it got used a lot, it was always second preference to the 560SEL and […]