2023 British Car Show, Sydney

The 2023 British car show was finally on in Sydney, the first since 2019. The 2020 and 2021 shows were lost to Covid and the 2022 show to wet fields. The 2023 show was still at the Kings School in Parramatta, but not on the same day as the school fete like normal.

It felt like a summer day today, with temperatures of around 33C. Probably quite hot for many of the old British cars, and a few of the spectators as well. It was a lovely day though, without a cloud in the sky.

I decided to display […]

2022 Fleet Update

With yet another year almost finished, time for an update on the Classic Jalopy fleet. Similar to last year, I will go over what I did with each car, any issues, and future plans. As with last year, I don’t own (or desire) a modern car, so these cars are used as a combination of hobby and everyday transport. Last year I had a couple of months between jobs, so I had more time to drive the cars. This year I did just under 14,000km across eight cars. The cars are listed in order of how many miles they did […]

2022 JDCA Cars and Coffee

Today I was supposed to be attending the All British Day at the Kings School. Unfortunately the event was cancelled after the weeks of torrential rain here in Sydney. The grounds keepers judged that the fields would be too wet for the cars and spectators.

In lieu of this event, the JDCA organized a replacement event at short notice. The last All British Day was in 2019, so most club members were keen for an event. Instead of the full car show, a JDCA cars and coffee type event would replace it. I think this was a great idea.

To […]

2021 Fleet Update

With the year coming to a close it felt like a good idea to do a 2021 fleet update. A bit of a summary of any issues I had with each car, how much I used it and any future plans. I don’t own a modern car, so these cars not only get used as a hobby, but as everyday transport – regardless of weather or traffic. My wife does own a 2007 car, but I only use that car when the whole family is going somewhere. The cars are listed in the order of how much I used them […]

The Adventures of my E-Type

Today we are used to E-Types being coveted sports cars which are treated with care by their owners. Few of them ever even see a drop of rain on their paintwork. However, for many years they were just old sportscars that were not treated with the same reverence. This is the story of my E-Type before it settled into its post-restoration life.

I had never really thought of owning an E-Type until I lived in the USA for four years. Certainly, I had seen them at car shows and always admired the model. However, in Australia they felt out […]

Preparing the E-Type for the 60th Anniversary celebration

I was obviously very keen to attend the JDCA 60th Anniversary of the E-Type celebration. My only problem was a few minor electrical issues with my car. My rear tail lights were not working (but the brake lights did work), and my right headlight intermittently didn’t work on low beam. For a day trip this wasn’t fatal, but I could have easily found myself driving at night on the way home.

I started to investigate the problem myself. I noticed that the number plate lights were also not working, and that they shared a fuse with the tail lights. That […]

60th Anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type

In March 1961, the Jaguar E-Type was unveiled to the world at the Geneva Auto Show. Few other automotive launches have captivated the public as much as the E-Type did. Enzo Ferrari even dubbed it the most beautiful car ever made. The E-Type would stay in production until 1975 across three different series and three major body styles. Sixty years later, the E-Type still turns heads and is a much in demand classic car.

The Jaguar Drivers club ran an event today to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type. The goal was to get at least 60 E-Types […]

Fuel leak damage repaired

I recently changed the fuel pump and rear fuel hoses on my Jaguar E-Type. In doing this change I learned a few things. Firstly, the old pump had not been delivering enough fuel, as the car was significantly more responsive. Secondly, fuel had obviously been leaking for a while as the paint had been eaten away in the spare tyre well.

For both these reasons I wanted to take the car in to be checked my by mechanic. Now the engine was getting enough fuel I wanted to make sure the tune was right. I also wanted to repair the […]

Jaguar E-Type Fuel Hoses

While I was replacing the fuel pump on my E-Type I noticed some hairline cracks in the fuel hoses. This was obviously a problem waiting to happen so I ordered a new set to replace them. It is probably cheaper to buy the raw hose and adapt the original fittings, but SNG Barratt sell a kit with new hoses complete with fittings that is much easier to fit. Postage is quite slow at the moment, so it was a few weeks before I finally got the hoses.

The cracks opened up even more as I removed them, so it was […]

New Jaguar E-Type fuel pump

A couple of months back, I noticed a bad fuel smell from my E-Type. I was able to trace the problem to a leaking E-Type fuel pump. The car still had the original points type SU pump, which are rebuildable. After speaking to a few people, and doing some research, I decided to purchase a new pump. The new SU pumps are a solid state version, so no points inside. I’ll keep the original pump with the car in case I ever sell it and somebody wants the original.

As can be seen from the picture above, the new […]