2024 Chevrolet Malibu Review

For the last couple of days I have been driving the Chevy Malibu as my rental car. I last rented a Chevy Malibu back in 2018 and reviewed it. The car hasn’t fundamentally changed since 2018, but has gone through a facelift and some minor updates. It is scheduled to go out of production in November. The Malibu in its various generations has been in production since 1964, and more than 10 million have been sold. It will not be replaced. The demise of the Malibu means that Corvette is the last car in the Chevrolet line up.

Despite its […]

Mercedes W126 buyers guide

I’m a big fan of the Mercedes-Benz W126. While it might not have the grandeur of the 60’s models, they make a really usable classic. The W126 can even be used as a daily driver. It still has the feel of a classic Mercedes-Benz but you get safety features like ABS, good air conditioning and reasonable fuel economy. When they are looked after they are a a very reliable car that is a delight to drive. I’ve now owned five of them over the years, mostly as daily drivers. Prices are still very reasonable. There are a few other W126 […]

2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Review

The rental car I had for my recent trip to Texas was a 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Like with my recent Challenger rental, I had the opportunity to choose any car in a certain section. Unlike the last choice, the choices were not nearly as appetizing.

I had only rented an intermediate class car, so most of what was available was particularly unpleasant looking ‘crossovers’. These were immediately ruled out. That left me with either the choice of two different pickup trucks, or a Chevy Malibu or the Fusion Hybrid. I might have been in Texas, the spiritual home of […]

2018 Dodge Challenger R/T Review

Driving should be fun, despite what the proponents of the nanny state might say. No car is perfect, but a car that has character, and a sense of fun will make the little annoyances seem insignificant. This is what is missing in many current cars – no character, no fun, just like an appliance. The 2018 Dodge Challenger R/T has loads of character and is a lot of fun. This makes its many foibles seem pretty unimportant.

The Dodge Challenger was my latest rental car. This is the easily the best rental car I have ever had. Normally, I […]

2018 Chevy Malibu Review

My latest rental car was the 2018 Chevy Malibu. It is probably the best rental car I’ve had for a couple of years, but that is not really saying much. The Malibu is the latest in a line of cheap ‘full size’ cars that used to be the mainstay of the big 3. With buyer preferences moving to SUVs and raised hatchbacks, cars like the Malibu are a dying breed. The Malibu shares a platform with a few other FWD GM cars such as the Buick Regal, Opel Insigna and Holden Commodore. Both Hertz and I refer to the Malibu […]

2018 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Review

I recently rented a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport for a family holiday. It is an interesting contrast with the Toyota Fortuner, which I reviewed earlier in the year. Overall the Pajero Sport is the better car, although not by much.

The Pajero Sport is actually the 3rd generation Mitsubishi Challenger. As far as I know, the only relationship with the full size Pajero is the name.

Regular readers of this site will know I am not a fan of this type of car. I think they are mediocre at everything. I also don’t see the need to buy your car […]

2004-2015 Toyota Fortuner Review

My latest rental car was the Toyota Fortuner. I’m not sure the exact year, but it was the previous generation model. I needed a seven seater for a holiday in Thailand and the Fortuner was the largest car offered by Thai rent-a-car. The Fortuner is based on the Hilux with the SUV body instead of the pickup truck. The name sounds like it should be on a Pirate ship rather than a car. I get mental images of swashbuckling pirates seeking gold and fortune. Instead I’m driving a glorified Hilux. As as seven seater the Fortuner works OK, although cars […]

2018 Ford EcoSport Review

Ford announced recently they were discontinuing sedan sales in the United States. While sedan sales have been on the decline for many years, this was still a very bold move. Presumably this left a few gaps in their model range. Given the market will buy pretty much any SUV car companies offer, the company has added the Ford EcoSport compact SUV to their line up. This vehicle was sold previously in other markets but I understand is new to North America. Compact SUVs may be popular with the public at large, but they are not popular with me. Still, I […]

2017 Seat Ibiza 1.0 Review

If car companies are looking for reasons why young people yearn for self driving cars, they need not look any further than the Seat Ibiza. I rented the Seat Ibiza for the weekend, and my conclusion was that I needed to write this review immediately. This is an important fact as once another 24 hours have elapsed, I doubt I will remember much about it. If I were to sum it up in one word, it would be ‘Dreary’. The Seat Ibiza has all the personality of a dishcloth.

I’m sure the Seat is well made and well equipped for […]

Book Review: Rover P5 & P5B: The Complete Story

I am a fan of the Rover P5, but I don’t have the time, room or funds to purchase one. So the solution is to buy a book!

I purchased this book: Rover P5 & P5B: The Complete Story by James Taylor and overall I am happy with the purchase.

The book does a good job of covering the events that led up to the launch of the car and then the major changes that took place during its life cycle. It covers all the different series of car, as well as the Coupe and Saloon. It also features […]