The Fox Collection, Melbourne 2024

I’ve wanted to visit the Fox Collection in Melbourne for over 10 years. I used to have a job where I would commute to Melbourne twice a month but the opening hours never lined up with when I was there.

This weekend I am traveling through Melbourne and happened to have the Saturday morning fee. I went along for the morning with my kids. The Fox Collection is a part of the personal collection of Lindsay Fox, an Australian trucking magnate. Lindsay Fox is now 87, and has been collecting these cars for years. As well as the public part […]

National Automobile Museum of Tasmania

While I was in Launceston earlier in the week, I visited the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania. This is a nice little museum quite close to the centre of Launceston. I had driven down to Tasmania in my 300TE, and had a few hours to kill before picking up my family from the airport. The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania was a perfect way to do that.

The museum seemed to have a dual theme of Australian Motorsport and cars that were significant to Tasmania in some way. It also had a huge collection of Motorbikes. As I understand it, […]

MBCNSW drive to the Australian Motorlife Museum

Today I joined the MBCNSW for a drive to the Australian Motorlife Museum. The museum is located in Kembla Grange, near Dapto. It primarily focuses on pre war cars, motorbikes and automotive memorabilia and there are over 100 vehicles on display. I had previous visited the museum in 2018. I was looking forward to a return visit as the collection does change, and there is so much to see you’ll always find something new to look at.

The treasurer of the MBCNSW is a board member of the Museum, so he organized a guided tour of the museum. That was […]

Microcars at the Powerhouse Museum

Sydney’s powerhouse museum currently has a display of microcars. I assume its a temporary display, as they microcars are on loan from various owners. The powerhouse museum is a science and technology museum in Ultimo, an inner city suburb of Sydney. The name comes from the building – it’s located in an old power station.

I’ve always been facinated by Microcars, even though I wouldn’t fit in many of them. Cars have gotten so big in recent years, that even small cars are comparatively huge by the standards of 20 years ago, let alone the heydey of the Microcar – […]

Clifton Classic Chassis Auto Museum

The final stop for my North Texas car museum road trip was the Clifton Classic Chassis Auto Museum. I managed to get to the Museum at just after 4PM, giving me just under an hour to check it out. You wouldn’t want any less time – there are about 30 cars as well as an interesting art collection. The art collection has objects that date back to 800BC.

The museum is open once a week on Saturdays and the owner is on hand to talk about his collection. I found him to be very friendly and he told me about […]

Weatherford Vintage Car Museum

Second stop on my North Texas car museum road trip was the Weatherford Vintage car museum, event center and grill. The museum is right down from the rather impressive town hall in Weatherford. It is housed in a rather impressive looking restored building. As well as the museum, there is an event center, and a diner style restaurant.

There are about 15 cars in the main museum, and other 10 in the restaurant. There didn’t seem to be a particular them with the main museum collection, although they did have quite a few pre-war Fords. Also in the collection was […]

Horton classic car museum

The first stop on my North Texas car museum road trip was the Horton classic car museum in Norcona. Nocona is about 90 minutes Northwest of Dallas. The museum is located in a restored Oldsmobile dealership. It’s not far from the rather nice looking main street of Norcona. The museum also had a lot of period memorabilia on the walls which give it a nice atmosphere.

The highlight of the Horton classic car museum is the Corvette collection. The museum has an example (and sometimes multiple) of practically every model year from 1953 to 1973. They also have a couple […]

North Texas car museum road trip

I have been in the Dallas, Texas area over the last few days for work. A free Saturday with the use of a rental car meant looking for an interesting way to fill it. I came across the a web page for The Ultimate North Texas Car Museum Road trip Guide. This piqued my interest – being the middle of Summer in the North Texas area, an indoor activity would be preferable. It also allowed me to see more of Texas outside of the big cities where I spend most of my time.

The guide lists four museums, and challenges […]

The Australian Motorlife Museum

The Australian Motorlife Museum is located in Dapto, about 90 minutes south of Sydney. Visiting this museum has been on my to-do list for some time. Last Sunday I participated in a drive day with the Topklasse forum, which had the Motorlife Museum as its destination.

The meeting point for the drive was an oval near the start of the Royal National Park. While the fastest way to get to the Motorlife Musem is down the M1 freeway, the best way is via the Grand Pacific Drive. This takes you through the Royal National park and across the sea cliff […]

The Gosford Car Museum Revisted

I first visited the Gosford Car Museum a bit over two years ago. Back in 2016, the Museum had recently opened. Since it operates as a hybrid dealership/museum, the collection slowly turns over. This means a return visit two years later provides a lot of new cars to see.

I would estimate that at least 50% of the collection has turned over since that visit. It is still a very impressive museum, although the collection is now 10-15% smaller. In addition, there are probably fewer jaw dropping cars than before. For example last time in the Mercedes Benz section there […]