Enthusiast Insurance Cars and Coffee March 2024

Today I went to a cars and coffee event at Gough Whitlam Park. It was organized by Enthusiast Insurance. I had been invited by a friend, and assumed it was a regular cars and coffee event that they were sponsoring. I think it was more an event for their customers. I’m not an Enthusiast customer, but it didn’t seem to matter a great deal.

Gough Whitlam Park is the same location that is used for the annual German car show. It is a bit small for that event, but probably better suited to a simple cars and coffee. I would […]

Auto Brunch St Ives September 2023

Today was the Monthly St Ives Auto Brunch cars and coffee event. The event is held in St Ives showground. Since I last attended, they have moved from being spread over some of the side roads and fields to the main showground. This is a huge improvement.

The main showground is plenty big enough for all the cars that want to attend, without the parking chaos of previous events. Of course, the organizers can improve the event, but they can’t think for the attendees. Despite having an entire oval to park on, it was hilarious to see people trying to […]

MBCNSW Bring your other car day

Today I went to a cars and coffee event organized by the Mercedes-Benz club. It was a bit different to normal, as the theme was ‘Bring your other car’. The idea was that many club members probably own a car that is not a Mercedes, and that there would be interest in showing those cars off.

I thought there would be some interesting cars in attendance so I went along in my Citroen DS. I figured the Citroen would be very different to what most Mercedes club members are used to.

Bringing the DS fit too, as of last week, […]

MBCNSW June 2023 Cars and Coffee

This morning I attended the MBCNSW cars and coffee event in Silverwater. It was held at the Armory café down by the water. It is quite nice down there, and there is plenty of parking. The venue the club used last time is probably nicer, but has a severe shortage of parking. This forced the cars to triple park and making it very difficult to leave.

This venue has loads of parking, but the downside is that there are a lot of other cars already in the parking lot from the general public so its a bit of a shame […]

Auto Brunch St Ives June 2023

This morning I attended the monthly Auto Brunch event at St Ives Showground. This is easily the best cars and coffee event in Sydney, and even eclipses some of the formal shows. Even though it was raining on and off all morning, turn out was excellent. Probably almost as good as last month even with the bad weather.

I took my 450SLC. It was a good opportunity to take it for a longer drive after finishing the Becker install. It was also quite dirty from not being used for two months, so I wasn’t too concerned about it getting […]

Auto Brunch St Ives May 2023

About a week and a half ago, I attended the May 2023 Auto Brunch event in St Ives. This is my favorite Sydney cars and coffee event, and I hadn’t had a chance to attend this year. Last time was November last year. Even though it was threatening rain, it was still a great turn out. This event always has a few nice surprises in terms of what shows up.

I took my Citroen DS. The area I normally like to park in is being filled in with stone blocks so cars cannot park there anymore. This is a shame, […]

Machines & Macchiatos March 2023

Today I attended the monthly Machines and Macchiatos event in Terrey Hills. Last time I was able to attend was October 2022, when I took my DS. Today is a swelteringly hot day of almost 35C, much more suitable for a car with air conditioning. I don’t think I’ve taken my 250SE to one of these events before, so I brought it along. There was only one other classic Mercedes – a very nice 280SL pagoda in a subtle two tone.

I’m not sure if the heat had something to do with it, but the numbers were down quite a […]

Auto Brunch St Ives November 2022

Yesterday I attended the Auto Brunch event at St Ives Showground again. It’s still far and away the best cars and coffee event in Sydney. This month was no exception. After about 10 months of horrible weather, we’ve finally had some lovely spring days here in Sydney.

It was a perfect day for a car show, the only slight downside was the rural fire service were also taking advantage of the weather doing a controlled burn in the vicinity. At first the event was quite smoky but it soon cleared up.

As with last time, it was an official event […]

MBCNSW October 2022 Cars and Coffee

Today was supposed to be the annual Sydney German car show. It would have been the first one held since 2019 due to Covid. I missed the 2019 event due to work travel, so I have not attended the show since 2018. Sydney has been very rainy of late, so last week was torrential rain, pretty much the norm for 2022. Based on this, and anticipating wet fields, the council pulled the plug on the event earlier this week.

The club scrambled to get an alternative event put on for the day. In retrospect, the council acted too soon, as […]

Machines & Macchiatos October 2022

It didn’t seem very long ago that I was at the September Machines & Macchiatos event. In a blink of an eye it was mid October and time for another one. This time, I took my Citroen DS.

It was a beautiful spring day, rare for 2022. Despite that, the turnout was lower than last time. Perhaps other car shows on this weekend. I was parked next to a very nice Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. I think I overheard the owner telling somebody it was a 1975 model.

It’s an interesting contrast, as both are luxury cars, but the […]