DS Paint Complete

The paintwork on the DS is now complete and the car is ready to be re-assembled.

I have the car back in my warehouse. To re-assemble I need to:

Re-fit the four door cards, rear seats and carpets Polish the boot hinges, fit the boot, C pillar trims etc Polish and re-assemble the rear bumper Re-fit the lights and rear number plate Rear indicators Antenna and rear view mirrors

In addition, the wiring is not right for the headlights so this will need to be traced one at a time. It will probably be some weeks before I can […]

DS final adjustment

The DS should be ready to be collected next week. All the panels are back on including the NOS bonnet.

The front of the car looks pretty much as it should now. Just minor adjustments for panel fit left. The painted wheels also make a massive difference.

The rear wings are also now done and adjusted. I’ll be doing the boot lid when I get the car home.


DS Paint almost complete

The new DS paint is almost complete and it looks amazing! The car is completely transformed with a professional paint job and a nice colour. In addition, the wheels are sporting their correct grey.

I’m really happy with the decision to change the colour and to have the back of the car done. Its not going to be cheap, but there is a night and day difference to the old paintwork. The chassis has also been painted black which is correct for the car. Rouge Massena is a great choice for this car. You never can tell 100% from […]

Paint starts on the Citroen DS

The painting is starting on the Citroen and its looking great! I’m really happy with the colour, Rouge Massena. It looks much nicer than the Rio Red that it was painted previously. Its a lovely deep shade of red that really suits the DS.

So far, the roof is painted as is the underside of the bonnet and valence. They will be flipped over and the top painted, and then on to the rear wings. After almost a year off the road its heartening to see the car starting to look so good.



450SLC Repaint completed

The 450SLC is complete and I picked it up over the weekend. What a difference from the faded original paint at the front of the car – it is like having a new one.

The respray took place over three weeks (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3). In addition, rust was cut out, and the air cleaner was re-painted.

450SLC Repaint part 3

The 450SLC is now completed. Last week the actual spraying was done, and this week the car was polished, re-assembled and checked. I do my final inspection and collect the car this weekend.

In addition to having the car re-sprayed, I had the air cleaner resprayed in black and the chrome arch covers removed as they can attract rust. The brackets that attach the fog lights were also done.

I personally find the chrome arch covers gaudy. They are not factory, but were a popular period accessory. The respray was a good opportunity to remove them.

The resprayed 906G […]

450SLC Repaint part 2

Another week has gone by at the panel beaters on the 450SLC and the car is getting much closer to completion. Last week was mostly rust repair and preparation, this week completed the preparation and started the actual re-spray.

Where components could be reasonably removed, they were to ensure that they were painted correctly. The 450SLC is 906G which is Grey/Blue metallic. I’ve always really liked this colour, more so than the 930 Silver blue that replaced it (which I had on the 280CE). And the 355 Diamond blue (which I had on my 300E) which replaced Silver […]

450SLC Repaint part 1

My 450SLC has now spent a week at the panel beaters having rust removed and being prepared for paint.

The starting point was the chassis rail on the drivers side. This is as very common W107 rust spot.

This was welded and then painted.

From there, work moved to the boot where both sides were rusting and there was some rust starting in the spare tyre well. Again this is a very common W107 rust spot. Even Australian delivered cars that have been garaged can develop rust here.

This section was probably the worst on the […]

450SLC Rust

The big Achilles heel in the R/C107 chassis is its propensity to rust. They are pretty much bullet proof mechanically, but the rust proofing from the factory was poor and there are a lot of areas where they can and do rust, even in climates such as Australia that are not prone to it. Once the rust gets to a point, the cars are pretty much scrap.

My car is pretty rust free – but I had some rust cut out about 10 years ago. There were four places and they are all common rust points in these cars

near […]