240D motor mounts, engine shock and thermostat

I just got my 240D back from having the motor mounts changed. When I purchased the 240D, the motor mounts were one of the few obvious things that needed attending to on the car. They looked pretty bad and the engine was shaking at idle.

On a W123 or W126, normally I would go with the Lemforder motor mounts, which are excellent. I couldn’t find any of those for sale. Generally I avoid Meyle parts as I find their quality and longevity questionable. However, I had read a couple of good reviews of their HD parts. Given 240Ds have […]

W123 under bonnet insulation

The under bonnet insulation on my W123 240D had started to crumble on the edges. While it had only just started happening, it also appeared that the car didn’t have a proper insulation mat. I’m not sure if it was an older aftermarket option, or something cut to size but it looked like some thin light coloured foam. Since I was doing this job on the 450SLC, I figure it was a good time to get both done at the same time.

This insulation is quite important. Not only does it reduce noise, but it does protect the paint. My […]

What is a 1981 240D Automatic like to drive?

Yesterday I did my first proper drive in my 1981 Mercedes 240D. More information about the car can be found here. My overall impression is that the people who talk about the performance of the 240D automatic on the internet have clearly never driven one. I’m used to driving fairly powerful cars like my 220KW 560SEC but I didn’t find the 240D especially slow around town.

I drove around my local area in a mix of heavy traffic, back roads and bigger roads with a speed limit of 90km/h. At no time did I feel like I was holding up […]

First jobs on the 240D

With the 240D now registered and in the garage, there were a few simple jobs to undertake. The first was a set of floor mats. The original carpets were in such nice shape I wanted to protect them.

I though the ideal floor mats for the 240D are the dealer fitted thick rubber mats from that era. Its likely what the car had when new. I had one more partial set of those mats in my parts storage – just missing a drivers mat. For the drivers mat I had to substitute a cheap generic mat. If I can’t find […]

Enter the slow lane – My first W123 diesel

Sometimes you don’t go looking for classic cars – they find you. While I have always wanted to try a W123 diesel, I wasn’t specifically looking for one. However, when I saw this 1981 Mercedes-Benz 240D, I thought it was something special. I was able to secure it for what I thought was a very good price.

The main thing that appealed to me was how original the car looked. So many of these cars had a very hard life and are still running in spite of that. This car looked like it had been used carefully and had been […]