Ad of the week: This car has its ups and downs

This week features a great ad highlighting the Hydropneumatic suspension of the Citroen DS.

This car has its ups and downs.

Moody? No. French, and logical.

When road conditions change, you can change the height of a Citroen car to suit the road. Citroen can do it, and only a Citroen.

Deeply rutted road, heavy snowdrift? Uo you go, and pull away with plenty of clearance.

Flat tire? Raise her up higher still. The jacking is automatic, and only on a Citroen.

Regular road or smooth turnpike? Cruise along at normal height. The comfort is something to marvel at.

By […]

Ad of the week: Citroen Technology

This weeks ad focuses on how innovative a car company Citroen was before it was merged with Peugeot. The two cars shown are very similar to my two Citroens – the Traction on the top and the DS21 below it. They are not quite the same as this is a French made Traction and the DS21 is a Pallas model unlike mine. The ad is a great depiction of Citroen’s two greatest designs. Today Citroens are mostly re-badged Peugeots, but there was a time when Citroen Technology was world leading.

This is a US ad, so the car is shown […]

Ad of the week: Citroen Safety

This weeks ad a great summary summary of all the safety features of the DS and a nice cutaway. These days they try and sell cars with lifestyle shots, but this ad delves deep into some of the technical features.

The Citroen… a safe car you should look into. Safety “No Spoke” steering wheel. Rugged hemi head engine, built to maintain high cruising speeds with low gas consumption. Dual proportional braking system that prorates brake force according to front/rear weight distribution. Front-mounted spare tire provides additional impact protection. Aerodynamic body slices through air smoothly, silently. Adjustable road clearance to drive […]

Ad of the week: Citroen DS power

This weeks ad is interesting that it tries to take the biggest weakness of the DS – the engine and try and turn it into a strength. I prefer the other ads that focus on its real strengths like the economy, suspension etc. In sales trying to turn a weakness into a strength can work well, but not sure if this approach did. Later on the ad does discuss the virtues of Front-wheel drive and air-oil suspension. Both of these are Citroen characteristics.

Plenty of pull when you need it.

First thing you sense when you slide behind the […]

Ad of the week: New DS21

This weeks ad covers the launch of the DS21 – still on the 2nd nose. The introduction of the DS21 started to address the concerns about the lack of power in the DS, the main point of criticism over its 20 year life. The car was originally supposed to have an air cooled flat six, but that never panned out.

Ad of the week: Citroen DS 3rd Nose

This weeks Ad covers the face lift of the Citroen DS that gave us the 3rd nose. This is the American version, so it unfortunately depicts the ugly American version of the lights – covered lights were not allowed, nor were turning or load leveling headlights.

Ad of the week: Citroen DS Aerodynamic Styling

This Citroen Ad from 1963 covers a key selling point of the DS which was that its Aerodynamic Styling allows it to have a fairly small engine giving good fuel consumption but still allowing a 100mph top speed. This shows a 2nd nose DS and shows various streamlining features that allow this performance and fuel consumption.

Citroen’s Aerodynamic Styling Pays Off

How Citroen breaks the long standing performance/economy barrier for sedans – with speeds in excess of 100 miles-per-hour and 30 miles-per-gallon economy.

Citroen is the world’s first – and only – full-size (123″ wheelbase) family car that […]

The Citroen DS was launched 60 years ago this month

In October 1955, Citroen unveiled one of the most innovative cars ever designed. There have been plenty of new cars that have introduced a new technology, or even a couple, but the DS was so radical that it immediately made everything else on the market seem old fashioned. And this was just the looks. Under the covers, the car contained a revolutionary hydraulic system that controlled the suspension, gear change and brakes. This system would go on to be used for over 50 years. It was also licensed by other marques such as Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz. In addition, there were […]

Book Review: Citroen DS: The Complete Story by Jon Pressnell

The Citroen DS, being such an iconic car, has inspired a plethora of books on it’s design, history, restoration, models etc. The one that is the most recommended is ‘The Original Citroen DS – The restorers guide” by John Reynolds, mostly because of it’s excellent set of pictures; but this book is currently out of print and quite expensive. (You can get it for around AUD$100 on UK or USA ebay if you wait long enough). That leaves room for some alternatives, and this book by Jon Pressnell fits the bill quite well. It has a better coverage of the […]

Extrapolated Production Figures

Mercedes W111 220SE/250SE Coupe/Cabriolet

For reasons of their own, Mercedes gave the 220SE and 250SE models the same designator (111.021 for coupe and 111.023 for cabriolet). In addition, the chassis number was shared with the 220SE sedan. This was not continued for the later W111 coupe and cabriolet that have their own model designator and sequence.

From what I know there were:

220SE Sedan: 66,086 220SE: Coupe: 14,173 220SE: Cabrio: 2,729 250SE Coupe: 5,259 250SE Cabriolet: 954 That should mean that there were a total of 82,988 220SE. The last 220SE sedan was 82,687 produced in August 1965. Coupe […]