Paint starts on the Citroen DS

The painting is starting on the Citroen and its looking great! I’m really happy with the colour, Rouge Massena. It looks much nicer than the Rio Red that it was painted previously. Its a lovely deep shade of red that really suits the DS.

So far, the roof is painted as is the underside of the bonnet and valence. They will be flipped over and the top painted, and then on to the rear wings. After almost a year off the road its heartening to see the car starting to look so good.



My DS will be painted Rouge Massena

I have landed on a colour. My DS will be Rouge Massena. I prefer this colour to the Rouge Carmin for such a big car. It is less ‘pink’ in the sun and the darker red will look rather classy. Generally I prefer to keep cars original, but in this case it wasn’t really a good option. My DS was originally white and I don’t like white cars. The car has been red nearly all its life. It was already red when purchased by a previous owner in the mid 80’s. This car had far more history as a red […]

Citroen DS crash repair, pt 5

The DS is now repaired and is in the process of preparation for paint. Not only did work need to be done to fix the damage from the crash, but previous repairs had to be put right too. The paint that was previously on the car was not well prepared. The car was not rusty, but there was minor surface rust under the paint that was preventing it from looking that good. There was also previous accident damage, as can be seen on the front wing.

I found a photo of the car with this damage when I purchased it […]

Citroen DS crash repair, pt 4

The DS is almost ready for paint. Most of the work has been on the doors and rear wings. Both rear wings are pretty much ready and the doors are not far behind.

There are a few areas of the car that are still having minor repairs done, such as this corner of the roof.

Of the red colours available for the DS, the two we can find on the computer are 411 Rouge Carmin and 423 Rouge Massena. I need to make a final decision and I am leaning towards Massena (left). Carmin is more striking, […]