MBCNSW October 2022 Cars and Coffee

Today was supposed to be the annual Sydney German car show.   It would have been the first one held since 2019 due to Covid.   I missed the 2019 event due  to work travel, so I have not attended the show since 2018.    Sydney has been very rainy of late, so last week was torrential rain, pretty much the norm for 2022.   Based on this, and anticipating wet fields, the council pulled the plug on the event earlier this week.

The club scrambled to get an alternative event put on for the day.    In retrospect, the council acted too soon, as the weather soon turned hot, and the fields are now apparently quite dry.    The alternate event was a MBCNSW cars and coffee event at the Waterview cafe in Bicentennial Park.   This is the same venue that the Jaguar club used a few weeks earlier for their replacement event.    It’s quite a central location, and the parking areas are tarmac which means it works rain, hail or shine.    That was important when the Mercedes club held a cars and coffee event earlier in the year and it bucketed down.

MBCNSW October 2022 Cars and Coffee

The weekend turned out to be the nicest weekend Sydney has seen all year.   It would have been amazing for the real event.   Since a lot of members had planned to be at the main car show, the Cars and Coffee event was quite popular.   The event didn’t have access to as many parking areas as the Jaguar event did a few weeks earlier.   This was probably as the event was organized in days rather than weeks.   Given the late notice it was great to have any kind of event.

I took my 250SE to the event.   Back in 2019, I had a sign made up with some particulars about the car.   I hadn’t had an opportunity to use it due to all the cancelled events.   It worked quite well so I may make a few more up for the other cars.  I didn’t’ get a great photo of the sign next to the car, the one I took was quite blurry so I didn’t include it in the picture gallery below, but it can be see in the back seat of the car above.

After the cars and coffee event, there was an optional drive for Fish and Chips.  I didn’t attend this, but it would have been a lovely day for it.    It was nice enough driving the 250SE there and back with the roof down.   Looking at the logbook, it was August last time I had the car out.

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