Retrosound Model 2 in a Citroen DS – Revisited

Last year I installed a Retrosound Model 2 radio in my Citroen DS. Overall, I was happy with the result, but there were one or two small things that were not working as I expected. This was mostly down to so little space for the unit in the DS, as it is hard to get the radio face and knobs to fit inside the original cubby in the dashboard. My goal was to install the radio without cutting into the dashboard, so I had to come up with a creative solution. This involved cutting up the little plastic cubby (which […]

The Devil in Disguise drive

On Sunday, I attended the Devil in Disguise drive with the Citroen Club. So the story goes the drive is named in memorial for a member of the club who is sadly deceased who was apparently a mild mannered man, until he got behind the wheel of his DS, when the Devil in Disguise came out!

On this trip, the Devil was the weather – being around 35C, a bit too hot for old Ds. Of the about 10 cars on the run, most people had brought a more modern car, apart from me in the DS and a 2CV. […]

New DS Air Cleaner Hose

The Citroen DS has a rubber hose that connects the air cleaner assembly with the top of the carburettor. This DS air cleaner hose had become so hard and perished that it tore when I tried to remove the air cleaner to take off the spheres.

The condition of the hose is fairly evident from the picture. The new one was much more pliant. Originally, the hose had a clamp to attach it to the air cleaner assembly, but I managed to break it putting it back on. Instead of using this clamp again that needs a special tool, […]

2014 Shannons Sydney late spring classic auction preview

The latest Shannons Auction is on Monday, so I went to preview the offering. As usual, Shannons have a nice mix of cars for sale, and the ones that caught my eye were:


This is not a car I know much about, but it has oodles of character and a price guide of $18,000-$24,000. The paint work is not in great shape, but it looks like a nice car nevertheless and it has loads of cool period details.


This is a […]

MBCNSW ‘Topless Drive’

The Mercedes Club organized a late spring evening ‘topless’ drive up the Old Pacific Highway to the Central coast. I had forgotten what a nice drive the Old Pacific Highway is, certainly nicer than the F3/M1. I took the 250SE, and it was the oldest car there, the best representation being from the R107, in particular the 380. I also discovered that the 250SE had won the MBCNSW ‘show and shine’ recently, but I had left too early to receive my award.

The 250SE was able to keep up with the more modern car on the twisties, I think […]