MBCNSW ‘Topless Drive’

The Mercedes Club organized a late spring evening ‘topless’ drive up the Old Pacific Highway to the Central coast.    I had forgotten what a nice drive the Old Pacific Highway is, certainly nicer than the F3/M1.   I took the 250SE, and it was the oldest car there, the best representation being from the R107, in particular the 380.   I also discovered that the 250SE had won the MBCNSW ‘show and shine’ recently, but I had left too early to receive my award.

Convoy Point

The 250SE was able to keep up with the more modern car on the twisties, I think to the slight surprise as some.   Of course, I had to employ full throttle a little more!  There was also a R107 350SL with a 5.0 M117 that was able to achieve such speeds on the road that If I mentioned it, you wouldn’t believe it.     As well as the 107s, there were a selection of other convertibles including modern SLs including a 600SL v12.

ConvoyThe ‘Topless drive’ is a nice concept because it leaves most of the day to do other things and you still get a good drive in.   It is an annual event for the MBCNSW and one that I attend if I can.

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