Classic Auto Sound Becker tribute radio update

A couple of weeks ago I installed the Classic Auto Sound Becker Tribute Radio in my 250SE.   I’m really happy with it, it worked really well on my recent drive down to Canberra.   One of the only things I thought could have been improved on the radio was the buttons were unlabeled.   The real radios had LMKUU buttons.   Classic Auto Sound, who build these radios have recently improved them with stickers for the LMKUU buttons.  They were good enough to send me a set of the stickers for my radio.   What great customer service!

LMKUUThe LMKUU stickers really make a huge difference.   I wonder if they will also offer the FM/AM buttons like the later radios for people with 70’s cars?

The radio sounded really good on the trip down and back from Canberra, and the Bluetooth hands free worked reasonably well.  Above about 100km/h there is too much wind noise to hear properly – The soft top does not insulate the sound as well as a steel roof would.

This addition has improved an already great product.   Click the following links for part 1 and part 2 of the radio installation.

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