300SE stumble at idle

The 300SE had a severe stumble at idle. It only occurred when the engine was hot. It never stalled the engine, but felt like it was about to. There was also a miss at takeoff. My initial thought was to check the distributor cap and rotor. However, on further examination, you could see sparking around the #6 spark plug. It appeared that the miss was probably related to the damaged insulation on the suppressor.

The suppressors are available for purchase separately and just screw off. I was given a tip on the forums to use a Stanley knife to […]

W126 Ignition tumbler replacement

When new, a W126 Mercedes would have come with four keys:

Two square headed master keys. One round headed valet keys. A flat ‘wallet’ key.

The master keys were designed for everyday use and opened all locks on the car: doors, ignition, glove box and boot. The valet key is similar, but does not open the glove box or boot if manually looked. The premise being you can keep valuables in the car while being parked by a parking attendant. The master key doesn’t have a plastic head. Instead, it has a small flat metal one allowing it to be […]