420SEL parts car update

I’ve owned my 420SEL parts car for a while now, and not really provided any updates as to how it’s going. Overall, I’m glad I purchased the car, although it’s hard to find enough time dismantling it.

I’ve been able to recoup some of my money selling a few parts, but I really need to put more effort into this in 2023. I’ve sold a couple of interior trim bits, the air cleaner, boot floor, blower motor and regulator, bonnet latch etc. My main goal in buying the car was parts I wanted myself, but my secondary goal was […]

W126 Hirschmann Antenna

A couple of months ago an eagle eyed viewer of my Instagram feed asked my why my 560SEL doesn’t have a Hirschmann Antenna. Given how original the car is, it was a good question. I had never really noticed what antenna the car had, other than it worked. Since I have the original Becker, I really should have the original Hirschmann Antenna to go with it.

I had a look at the car, and saw that while it did have a Hirschmann branded antenna, it was the wrong one. It was one of those generic antennas sold in the 90s. […]

Locating the W126 X30 power block on RHD cars

I’m currently planning to re-install the Becker Radio in my 1987 560SEC. At the same time I will be installing a small amplifier, a bluetooth FM Injector and a couple of unobtrusive USB charging ports.

The second generation W126 wiring harness provides a factory way of adding additional accessories. This is the X30 power block. Up to 8 accessories can be connected using factory plugs and their own wiring harnesses. The number already connected will depend on options installed on the car.

Other than the direct power for the amplifier, I plan on using the X30 power block for the […]

Evaluating my 420SEL parts car

Today I spent a bit more time evaluating the 420SEL parts car and the more I look at it the happier I am with my purchase. It has too much wrong with it to make it a viable restoration project, but there are loads of good parts. It didn’t come with a battery, so I hooked up a spare and most of the electrics seem to work. I’ve started to keep a log of what is/isn’t working before I start properly dismantling the car.

I did not want to start the car, firstly because the fuel cap is missing so […]

My 420SEL parts car

I’ve been thinking about buying a W126 parts car for some time. The number of affordable parts cars is getting thin on the ground as the W126 transitions from everyday transport to classic. I would have had better options five years ago, but there are still some decent ones out there. I was particularly looking for an SLS equipped car as I wanted the struts and ideally a S2 V8. Given the numbers sold, this was likely to be a 420SEL parts car.

I found a car on Facebook marketplace last week and went out to see it on Saturday. […]