Evaluating my 420SEL parts car

Today I spent a bit more time evaluating the 420SEL parts car and the more I look at it the happier I am with my purchase. It has too much wrong with it to make it a viable restoration project, but there are loads of good parts. It didn’t come with a battery, so I hooked up a spare and most of the electrics seem to work. I’ve started to keep a log of what is/isn’t working before I start properly dismantling the car.

I did not want to start the car, firstly because the fuel cap is missing so […]

My 420SEL parts car

I’ve been thinking about buying a W126 parts car for some time. The number of affordable parts cars is getting thin on the ground as the W126 transitions from everyday transport to classic. I would have had better options five years ago, but there are still some decent ones out there. I was particularly looking for an SLS equipped car as I wanted the struts and ideally a S2 V8. Given the numbers sold, this was likely to be a 420SEL parts car.

I found a car on Facebook marketplace last week and went out to see it on Saturday. […]