M272 Balance Shaft issues exist outside the published range

Premature failure of the Balance shaft on the Mercedes M272 engine is a known problem. Apparently the balance shafts were too soft and so they wear out quickly. This was the subject of a class action lawsuit in the United States. Over there, the shafts in affected cars were replaced by the dealer out of warranty. This wasn’t the case here in Australia, although it is possible that a handful were done for good customers. There is a service bulletin published by Mercedes-Benz that outlines the repair and the engines numbers affected by the soft M272 balance shaft. Generally those […]

M272 Balance Shaft Issues – E350

I went to look at an 2006 E350 W211 Estate today and had learned on the Topklasse forum that the M272 engine manufactured from 2005-2007 suffers from a potential defect. From what I understand as this engine is a 90 degree V6, there were additional components required to make it run smoothly and these and the timing gear can suffer from premature wear. More information can be found here. The part is called the Balance Shaft. The ideal angle for a V6 is 60 degrees. The M272 is 90 degrees so it can be built alongside a V8. 90 degrees […]