Ad of the week: Coupe d’Etat – Mercedes W111 Coupe

This weeks Ad features the introduction of the 220SE Coupe, photographed in front of an Austrian castle.   The 220SE was introduced at the Geneva auto show in 1961 and was overshadowed by the Jaguar E-Type.   The Mercedes W111 Coupe represents one of the most elegant designs of the 1960s and is one of my favourite Mercedes-Benz models.

Mercedes W111 220SE Coupe D'Etat

Coupe D’Etat

For over half a century, it has been the pleasure of men of state to drive, or be driven in a Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz now offers its newest car, a veritable coupe of state, to the discriminating few who can afford to be seen in this, the finest of machines. It is the new 220SE coupe with a fuel injection engine, optional power steering and a choice of automatic for four-speed transmission.

Its interior is completely hand-fitted with elegant leather and wood embellishments and represents the best of the coachmaker’s art. There is no similar car in the world. It combines sports-like performance with the dignity of diplomacy. Further, it carries its silver three-pointed star in the restful silence of complete discretion. That, of course, is in keeping with the seventy-five-year-old tradition of Mercedes-Benz.

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