Small rust hole causes the CE to fail its blue slip

After replacing the water pump and test driving the 280CE, it was time to get it registered.

Unfortunately it failed due to a small rust hole in the body work. This is not structural, but NSW is very strict in this regard. There was also a minor leak from the power steering and minor leak from the rear muffler. All will need to be addressed.

W123 Mercedes rust here when leaves and other debris are left to sit around the bonnet hinges – they break up and fall through and you end up with wet mud that lets this […]

The DS rides again!

After suffering the humiliation of a ham fisted owner the DS is back on the road thanks to Jason Hantos. It’s also all ready for another year of rego, success! Quite a hassle to have it towed

DS on a two truck

450SLC – ready for another year

The 450SLC spent the last two days at Arthur Rizzo Motors getting ready for the next year on the road. The car was hesitating a bit, and not idling quite right, but a new set of plugs seems to have fixed that. (#1 was a bit coked up). The steering was feeling a bit floppy – so a new tie rod end has somewhat improved it, although at some point I’m going to need to have the steering box removed and resealed as there is no more adjustment left in mine and there is a slight leak. At 288,000 this […]