Traction Avant Front Carpet

My Traction Avant has been missing its front carpet since my purchase.   The lack of the front carpet made an otherwise nice car look like a bit of a Jalopy.   The traction Avant front carpet is a single piece like the DS.   As the Traction is a front engine car, it does not need a transmission tunnel.    I was not able to find one that would match my car.

My original aim was to find a front carpet that would match the rest of the carpet in the car.    I tried a bunch of places in Australia and I wasn’t able to find one in any colour.   In the end I found a firm in the UK that was able to supply just a front carpet for me.      They were also good enough to send me a couple of colour samples to check how well it would look.

The available colour was a nice red, nicer than the purple that is in my car.   I wasn’t really in a position to buy a whole set, so I went with the new front carpet only.

Traction Avant Front Carpet

I then purchased some underlay from Clark Rubber and glued it to the back of the carpet.    I’m pretty happy with the result.   It’s not a perfect match, but at least the Traction Avant front carpet is now in place and the car doesn’t look like a Jalopy without it.     It also has a heel pad so I will not wear through it when driving.

Traction Avant Front CarpetThis car has come a long way since I purchased it a couple of years ago.   The valve adjustment has restored the low compression on one cylinder, and the front suspension rebuild has made it much nicer to drive.    The correct fuel pump has also removed the horrible buzzing from the electric one that was in the engine bay.

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