Attainable Classics: #2 – Volvo P1800

This is the second in a series about interesting cars that have not had their prices driven up so much they become trailer queens.

While Volvo is still known for it’s boxy and unbreakable 240 series from the 70s and 80s, in the late 50s, Volvo was still looking to add a sports car to their range, despite the failure of the P1900. The Volvo P1800 shared its mechanicals with the Volvo sedans at the time, but added an eye catching coupe body shape. This is what makes the car such a great classic today. The mechanicals are simple and […]

Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

Sydney is bounded by National Parks to the north and to the south – With Ku-Ring-Gai Chase in the north and the Royal National Park in the south. The Royal National Park is the second oldest national park in the world after Yellowstone in the USA.

These national parks are also great for going to a drive in a classic car away from the stop and go traffic that plagues most of Sydney. There are less roads Ku-Ring-Gai Chase, but still some worth exploring such as West Head, Cottage Point and Akuna bay. The only downside is the current cycling […]

20 hours later, the rounded bolt still clings on

In order to get to the water pump on the 280CE, the fan assembly had to be removed, which is held on by four rather inaccessible bolts.

Two of he bolts came out ok, but two were stuck firmly and became even more rounded in trying to remove them. Mercedes must have used high quality bolts, as 20 hours and 5 drill bits later, the bolts are still in.

This is the frustrating side of classic ownership, an otherwise simple task becoming bigger than ben-hur due to a single recalcitrant bolt.


Grand Pacific Drive

I had wanted to check out the Grand Pacific Drive for a while, and had a few hours free the other day so took the 250SE. The 250SE’s transmission linkage was still playing up, so I didn’t make too many stops (as I didn’t want to crawl under the car and reset it every few times I put it into park), but once you get to the start of the drive, it is very nice and surprisingly well sign posted. I followed the drive to Kiama – but I would like to go further next time.

I did see a […]

Update – Aldi compressor

Unfortunately this post was lost during the website crash of January 2015.

However, the post was basically about the Aldi compressor failing fairly soon after purchase, but Aldi replacing it no questions asked.

D Day, 2014

Unfortunately this post was lost during the website crash of January 2015. The post detailed the yearly D run – ‘D Day’.