Grand Pacific Drive

I had wanted to check out the Grand Pacific Drive for a while, and had a few hours free the other day so took the 250SE.   The 250SE’s transmission linkage was still playing up, so I didn’t make too many stops (as I didn’t want to crawl under the car and reset it every few times I put it into park), but once you get to the start of the drive, it is very nice and surprisingly well sign posted.   I followed the drive to Kiama – but I would like to go further next time.

I did see a Jaguar E-Type S1 FHC during the drive, and a couple of US Muscle cars, so there were at least a few interesting cars out and about.

Of course once I returned with the car, the Transmission linkage came off again, but I have now fixed it properly.   The problem was the idiot who installed it (me) who put it on backwards.

During the drive, I took a short video clip mostly to learn how to use the video editing software I have…

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