Shannons Sydney Autumn Classic Auction 2014

The Citroen Club had a meeting at the Shannon’s auction display again and as usual Shannons had a nice selection of cars on show.

The pick of the auction for me was the Traction Avant.   Almost in my ideal spec.  (I would prefer a year older with the small boot).   As well as this there were some other interesting cars for sale including:

Lot 1: 1980 Volvo 242GT

The 242 is a real cult car and probably the squarest two door car ever made.   For an expected price of $6-10,000 you can look evil and sensible all at once.


Lot 2: 1974 Citroen D Special

Unlike the last D for sale, this is a lovely D Special that has not been partially converted to a Pallas spec car, or a DSuper 5, it is just a good honest D Special.   A D Special is a great way of getting into DS ownership, and this car looks like it has been fairly well maintained over the years.   Somewhat troubling is the sealant applied to the roof to fix probable water leaks, hopefully here is no rust in the roof rail or behind the C pillar trims.   I think it is worth more than the $8-$12,000 indicated.

D Special

Lot 4: 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Coupe. 

While this car isn’t perfect, I think these Alfa’s are great cars and well worth a look.   They are reasonably price, and I’m told, great to drive.  Something to own at some point.


Lot 6: 1952 Citroen Light 15

This Traction Avant is almost the ideal spec in my view.   All it needs is to be a year older and have the smaller and more elegant boot.   It looks apparent that somebody has looked after this car, the paintwork is older, but nice, as is the interior, and the engine has had money spent on it recently.   I’m not in the market for another car at the moment, but if I was, i would be bidding on this car.    A Traction Avant is a car I want to add to the garage at some point.   The price guide is $15-18,000, which seems very good buying and this car could easily go for more.


Honorable Mention:

Melbourne Summer Auction Lot 30:  XK140 FHC

This car is in Melbourne, so I didn’t see it in the flesh, but this is my perfect XK.   It is an XK140 FHC, with a 5 Speed and A/C Fitted.   This car is listed with a price guide of $70-$80,000.

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