Ad of the week: 1963 Dodge 426

This weeks ad focuses on the 1963 mid size Dodge models with the 426 RB motor (note this is not the fearsome 426 hemi engine).   As was the focus of the time, the emphasis is on drag strip times.   This ad is on the back of another Michelin ad I purchased so it was a bit of free bonus.   Once I frame the ads in the garage this one will no longer be visible.

1963 Dodge 426

Cool off any strip

Lay on our 426-cube V8 and… ZAP! Drag records fall like pelted partridges. That’s because horsepower comes so close to matching displacement that few moving things are its equal.

The 426’s stablemates, too, give you more rubber-scorching potential than the competition. There’s the 383 with four barrels. The 383 with two. And the 318, our standard V8, that’ll out-drag about any standard engine in the low-price field. This one’s remarkably thrifty too.

And here’s one thing to remember. There are 24 models of the standard size ’63 Dodge. Every one is in the low-price field! See them at your Dodge Dealer.

Hot 63 Dodge

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