2011 Coldwater Car Show

One of the last car shows I attended in Michigan was the Coldwater Car Show in 2011.    As the Coldwater Car Show is held in May, it is quite early in the season.  I left Michigan in early July of the same year – this was probably the last decent road trip I did in my 560SEC.   The SEC was a great road trip car and I put a lot of miles on it in the roughly three years I owned it.   The drive was about two hours, a nice distance in that car.

At least back in 2011, this was a smaller regional show.   Looking at the website, it appears bigger now.   The bulk of the show in 2011 was American Muscle cars and Hotrods.  There were two rather rare cars at this show:

  • Pontiac GTO “The Judge”
  • 1971 Dodge Challenger 426 Hemi

The 426 Hemi was equipped with the pistol grip shifter made famous by the moving ‘Vanishing Point’.    It was quite cool to see one in the flesh.  It is much more common to see a 440 Challenger than a real Hemi.

At the time I attended this show, I did not have this website.   This is the last of the USA shows I attended that I had not uploaded.   Had I not moved away, I probably would have attended this show again if I was free on the day.

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