250SE Freshening up

I had ordered a few parts for the 250SE a few months ago but had not yet had a chance to fit them.   The first was the winder knob for the front quarterlight on the drivers side.  I had found a reproduction one of these on ebay and mine was slightly warped, so the inner disc that hides the screw kept falling out.

The problem was when I came to fit the new one, it was not quite the same.   I am not sure if this is because this knob was changed for later cars such as the W114, but luckily the old disc fitted into the new knob.   The one on the right is the original one.


Next in cleaning the boot, I noticed under one of my mats was the wire for the boot light, which was missing.   I was able to thread the wire through its proper channel to where the boot light should be, and have purchased a new boot light.      The good thing is that this part is not be unique to the coupe/cabriolet.  Similarly, the cover for the fuel sender was missing and this part is also not unique to the cabriolet.


While I was ordering those parts, I also ordered the correct windscreen washer hose so I can relocate the bottle to the correct spot under the bonnet, the sticker for the boot, the small black inserts for the door release, and a white gearshift knob.   When my car was purchased it had a black steering wheel, and the previous owner preferred the Ivory one, which was an option for the 250SE.   However, the wheel, horn pad and knob should all match.


The little inserts for the door handles were also an easy fit and hide the screw underneath.   They had always been missing on the car since I had owned it.


It was then a good time to give the car a quick wash for the upcoming German car show.


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