MBCNSW September 2022 Night Drive – Old Northern Road

Last night’s drive was a variation of one we did a few months ago.   Originally it was to start from the eastern side of Galston Gorge, and then follow the previous route.   That took us along Cattai ridge road, Halcrows road, Wisemans Ferry road and the Old Northern Road.   I always enjoy this drive, as it’s a nice cruisy route and there are almost no cars on the road.

A few weeks ago, we were notified that Galston Gorge was closed for repairs.   We moved the start point of the route to the western side of the gorge and changed the description on the club website.   Turns out there is also another place where this information is stored, and the website sent out reminders to members with the wrong address!     We ended up with three cars at the revised starting point and two at the old.

September 2022 Night Drive
Since the gorge was closed, it was at least a 30 minute drive the long way round from the old starting point to the new.   In the end, we decided for the first group to do the first part of the drive, and then meet up with the second group at the intersection of Wisemans Ferry Road and the Old Northern Road.   Not ideal, but at least we would get to do part of the drive together.

On the way to the meeting point, we also found out that Halcrows road was practically non existent.   Not sure how much tarmac there was between the potholes.   I guess that road has suffered due to the wild weather.   On the flip slide, Wisemans Ferry road had been recently resurfaced and it was excellent.

The meeting point worked reasonably well, in that the first group only had to wait 5 to 10 minutes for the second.

September 2022 Night Drive

From the second meeting point it was straight down the old Northern Road to McDonalds Dural.   Unfortunately that meant the second group had to re-trace their steps, but up and back the Old Northern Road is still a great drive.

I took my 1979 280SE and it’s running better and better with some use.   I still think I’ll need to do front shocks at some point as the ride from the front is not the greatest.   New tyres wouldn’t hurt either.

September 2022 Night DriveEven after the issues with the starting point, it was still a good drive.   However, I would not do this one again until Halcrows road is fixed.

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