K-Jet fuel pressure test part 2

Earlier in the week I attempted to run a fuel pressure test on my 1979 280SE. On further examination, I was pretty sure I had it connected up wrong. The instructions call for the pressure gauge to be attached to the larger fitting on the warm up regulator. The warm up regulator is hidden down to the side of the engine on the M110. The bigger fitting is actually a banjo bolt on this WUR, so this time I hooked it up (hopefully) correctly. My goal was to test cold control pressure.

The readings made more sense this time. System […]

K-Jet fuel pressure test part 1

I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of the running issues on my 1979 280SE. The last thing I tried was draining all the fuel and replacing the fuel filter and tank strainer. Once the car warmed up, it actually ran reasonably well. I took it for a drive for about 40 kilometers and it was running better and better. After this drive, I assumed that the running issues was due to bad fuel and that I had solved this part of the problem.

However, when I needed to start the car and move it out of the way […]

new W116 fuel hose, strainer and filter

I recently purchased a W116 280SE. On arrival, it wasn’t running too well, and the symptoms pointed to the car not getting enough fuel. A few weeks ago, I drained all the fuel in the tank and checked the main fuel filter and strainer. After doing all this, the fuel filter and strainer were all that bad. They certainly didn’t look bad enough to make the car run the way it did.

I figured I would be doing a fuel volume and pressure test next. Before I got to that though, it seemed to make sense to install a new […]

C107 and C126 Production Figures

The C107 is a bit of an anomaly in the classic Mercedes-Benz range. On one hand it occupies the spot usually reserved for the S Class Coupe. On the other, it was created by lengthening the SL and turning it into a 2+2. This is probably why values were low for years and its only in the last 5-10 that people have started to appreciate the model.

The C107 SLC replaced the superlative W111/W112 coupe and cabriolet range towards the end of 1971. Unlike the previous practice, it was not based on the upcoming W116 S-Class. Apparently, Mercedes-Benz were worried […]

W114 and W123 Coupe Production Figures

In 1968 the new mid-size Mercedes-Benz range made its debut. This was a pretty important model from Mercedes-Benz – it would set the basic platform for their model range for the next twenty years. While stylistically it took cues from the old W108/W109 range, underneath was a far more modern car. The 107, 116, 123 & 126 models would all share an ancestry from the W114/W115 range. Also new was a coupe in the mid size range. This is something that Mercedes-Benz continues to this day. This article covers the W114 and W123 coupe models and their production figures.

An […]

W108 and W109 Differential Ratios

The W108 and W109 series were produced from 1965 to 1972. While its replacement, the W116 was the first model called the S-Class, the W108 and W109 models occupied that spot in the model range. When drivers new to this range first experience these cars, they often comment how high the engines are revving at motorway speeds. This is not like the cars of the 50s where motorway speeds were not a consideration. These cars were driven extensively at high speeds on the Autobahns. Rather it was conscious design choice for high revving engines by Mercedes-Benz at the time. Part […]