DS Paint Complete

The paintwork on the DS is now complete and the car is ready to be re-assembled.


I have the car back in my warehouse.     To re-assemble I need to:

  • Re-fit the four door cards, rear seats and carpets
  • Polish the boot hinges, fit the boot, C pillar trims etc
  • Polish and re-assemble the rear bumper
  • Re-fit the lights and rear number plate
  • Rear indicators
  • Antenna and rear view mirrors

In addition, the wiring is not right for the headlights so this will need to be traced one at a time.     It will probably be some weeks before I can do this.   I also need to order a few trim pieces for the car.

The car was crashed in September last year, so will be over a year off the road.    However, the transformation is amazing.

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