Changing the 250SE back to the correct wheel trims

My 250SE has been ‘wearing’ 280 style hubcaps since I got it, but I had always wanted to convert it back to the correct style. As it happened, a box containing the original headlights and the original hubcaps for this car was found by a previous owner and re-united with the car. The outer beauty rings were missing, but I had a set of those already I purchased when a Mercedes dismantling company was closing down.

Both the original hubcaps and the beauty rings were very dirty, but a few hours of cleaning and polishing with autosol got them to […]

Minor repairs to the Traction

This evening I spent some time looking over the traction. One of the things noted in the condition report was that the number plate lamp was inoperative. After eliminating it was not the blown fuse, I took the light apart, and the problem was that it was just dirty. A good clean and the lamp was working again.

I also polished the front grille with some Autosol. I wasn’t able to make that much improvement as much of the grille has lost the chrome coating and is down to the base metal, but i was able to clean it […]

DS Door cards – Update

Last year I removed the old targa door card from one of the rear doors and fitted the new velour door card. Today I was up to doing the front door.

This is a job that gets far easier with experience. Some of the websites mention needing far less of the clips than I used, but the holes were all drilled in my door, so I used them anywhere. Where a hole had been drilled I made sure I used some anti-rust paint, which is the black you can see. The plugs are easy to guide in with the wooden […]

Citroen DS bumpers polished.

The bumpers on the Citroen DS were a bit scruffy, so I used the autosol metal polish to shine them up. They were not nearly as bad as the C-pillar trim, but they came up really nicely with a bit of polishing.

The front bumpers (the rears were pretty similar):

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More Citroen DS de-jalopification

Today I spent more time doing small improvements to the Citroen DS. The car originally had single side mirror on the drivers side that I think was for a later car. This mirror was never able to stay in the right spot and would always fall back against the car over 70km/h despite how tight it was. I also wanted to get a mirror for the passengers side as I park this car against the wall on that side and it can be quite handy in Sydney traffic. I had previously made a template for where the hole needed to […]