MBCNSW October 2022 Night Drive – Mulgoa Road

Last night was the monthly MBCNSW night drive.   This drive was in the western part of the city.   Starting from a McDonalds on the M4, we would drive west until we hit Mulgoa Road.   Mulgoa road meanders through a semi-rural area with few traffic lights and minimal other cars.   Nearly all of it is signposted at 80km/h, which is reasonable for this road at night.     We would then turn onto Bringelly road as we drove eastwards to the built up part of the city and along Cowpastures road to our final destination.   This was the Chubby Buns burger truck.

The history of how this area of South Western Sydney came to be known as The Cowpastures is rather interesting.    When the first fleet arrived in 1788, they brought a small herd of cows and a couple of bulls.    The cattle escaped five months later and would not be seen until 1795 when they were discovered on the fertile Nepean floodplain, having taken over pastures previously used by the Dharawal people.   The area would thereafter be known as the Cowpastures.

Mulgoa Road

It had been a lovely day in Sydney for a change, so we had nine cars at our start point at McDonalds M4 West.   Two 450SLCs and an R107 500SL, a C123 280CE, two C126 SECs (my 560SEC and a 380SEC), a 300E and a modern SLK32 and SL350.

We tried a different approach this time with a designated car at the rear that knew the route well.     That seemed to work well at the end when traffic lights close to the destination meant the last three cars got separated the chase car (me) was able to go ahead of them and lead the way.     We also lost one car to a wrong turn which was remedied by waiting for 10 mins or so on a wide shoulder on Mulgoa road.

Mulgoa Road

The final destination was the Chubby buns burger truck at Hoxton park.   For a city of over five million people, there is very little open after about 11pm that is not a bar or a club, or so inner city there is no parking for 10 elderly German cars.   The Chubby Buns burger trucks are open very late making it an ideal ending point for the drive.    The Hoxton park location (there are a few) is on the site of a carwash by day.    That provides plenty of parking at night.   There are apparently a few car club groups that use the venue.

Chubby Buns

The food from the Chubby Buns burger truck is quite good.   The serves are ample.   The prices are not cheap, but they are decent value for money for what you’re getting.    This is now my third time at the venue, as we had a couple of drives prior to fine tune the route.

These semi-rural routes seem to work the best for the night drives.  Much easier to keep the group together and enjoy a relaxing drive.

Chubby Buns

I took my 560SEC on this drive.  It was the first long drive since I had the uprated A/C condenser fitted, the steering box resealed and the Becker 1402 installation finalized.   The car performed really well and I am very happy with the Becker upgrade to the car.  The A/C is also very cold.   I’m waiting for a 35+ day to really test it properly.   On the open road its also noticeable how much more power this car has than an Australian 560SEC.   Especially above 3500RPM.

Next month is back to Bilpin.

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