W126 Ignition tumbler replacement

When new, a W126 Mercedes would have come with four keys:

Two square headed master keys. One round headed valet keys. A flat ‘wallet’ key.

The master keys were designed for everyday use and opened all locks on the car: doors, ignition, glove box and boot. The valet key is similar, but does not open the glove box or boot if manually looked. The premise being you can keep valuables in the car while being parked by a parking attendant. The master key doesn’t have a plastic head. Instead, it has a small flat metal one allowing it to be […]

280CE sticking ignition key

I had a problem with the 280CE sticking ignition key. This can turn into a real problem as the way to change the tumbler requires you to be able to move it, so if you cannot, then you end up having to take drastic measures to remove it. It is much better to replace it while it can still move.

You have two options to replace – you can buy a tumbler from Mercedes that has the same keys as the doors and the original tumbler. This an be ordered from the dealer with the data card. Or you can […]