280CE sticking ignition key

I had a problem with the 280CE sticking ignition key.  This can turn into a real problem as the way to change the tumbler requires you to be able to move it, so if you cannot, then you end up having to take drastic measures to remove it.   It is much better to replace it while it can still move.

You have two options to replace – you can buy a tumbler from Mercedes that has the same keys as the doors and the original tumbler.   This an be ordered from the dealer with the data card.  Or you can get a generic one that is much cheaper and have a different key for the doors and ignition.   It also means if you loose your keys you can’t order new ones from the dealer.   Despite these drawbacks, I went with the generic option for the 280CE as it was much cheaper.

This repair is easy and there are a few videos on the Internet on how to do it.    The key is inserted and turned to the ACC position.   A thin metal rod (e.g. straightened paper clip) is then pushed into the little hole which if pushed hard enough allows you to unscrew the black surround and remove the tumbler.


As well as this, A few bulbs needed replacing.   A tip here is to refer to the manual as to what bulb is required, and disregard what was installed previously.   Previous owners often get it wrong.

The new tumbler has fixed the 280CE sticking ignition key issue I had.

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