MBCNSW January 2022 Night Drive to Cattai

The first night drive of the year was held a bit earlier than usual to avoid the Australia Day Holiday.   This was actually a drive we planned for the second half of last year, but it was postponed due to the COVID lockdowns.    This month, while we are no longer in lockdown, COVID cases are up in Sydney and tests are not available for love nor money.   Therefore, many people are in self imposed lockdowns and the attendance of the drive was a bit smaller than normal.

The planned route was a variation on a previous drive before the night drives became official.    The main change was adding Galston Gorge.    The meeting point was in Hornsby Heights, near the oval.   For future drives, perhaps not the best spot as it was very dark.     From there, we went through Galston Gorge, and then took Cattai Ridge road to Halcrows road.    We had originally planned to stay on Cattai ridge road until Wisemans Ferry road, but that part of Catti ridge road floods easily and it had been very rainy of late.

Once we got on to Wisemans Ferry road, we continued northwards until we hit the Old Northern Road, before returning back south to our end point at McDonalds Dural.


I really enjoy this route.   Its one I’ve done many times before we started the official night drives.    The roads are quiet, the speed limits are reasonable for the road, and its a great drive on a summer night with the windows down or the roof off.

I took my 560SEC again on this drive.   Originally, I hoped to take the 250SE.   I had recently had some work done to fix some poor running.   A good drive would have been good to check it out.   However, it has been a very rainy summer, and that continued this week.   The rain was clearing, so instead of the 300SE, I went and got the 560SEC for its first drive of the year.    It was probably a good choice as we had some minor rain at various times, but otherwise good weather.

CattaiThe 560SEC performed really well on the drive.   I really enjoy driving the car and the extra power is noticable when you put your foot down.    Its was nice to cruise around in a pillarless coupe on a warm summer night.

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